Student Life

Shout out to our Student Council for the 2023-2024 school year! The seniors above are featured from left to right: Greta G., President; Sami E., Secretary; Anna G., Public Relations; Maddy C., Vice President; and Caitlin W., Treasurer.

If you ask BB电子 students what is special about the school, one word almost always comes to mind: sisterhood.

Friendship is at the core of a BB电子 education. By working together in the classroom, in the theater and on the fields, girls are able to build bonds with one another that truly last a lifetime.

BB电子 students also have the opportunity to develop strong ties with dedicated teachers, who truly care about the girls' academic, spiritual and social development. The trust that is built with teachers provides another level of support as the girls become confident and successful young women.

Often, these strong relationships with peers and faculty begin in the classroom. They are nurtured through the Advisory Program and Student Clubs, which you can read more about in this section, to name a few.